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Nerve Conduction Studies

podiatry treatment by Dr. Reza Mobarak, DPMYour capacity to feel sensations in your feet and ankles have a big impact on how well you can move. Our podiatrist and foot surgery team at Southwest Foot and Ankle Center provides the latest in nerve conduction study (NCS) to help evaluate motor and sensory nerves in your feet. This technique can diagnose conditions causing numbness or tingling.

Disorders Diagnosed With NCS

Podiatry patients visiting our facilities in Plano, Lewisville and Irving report these types of symptoms in a wide range of cases. Some of the conditions found through the use of nerve conduction testing include:

These nerve conduction studies are non-invasive, causing only minor discomfort associated with mild electrical stimulation to your foot or ankle. These tiny electrical shocks are not dangerous at all, and special precautions are always in place for patients who have pacemakers or implanted stimulators in the brain or spinal cord.

Nerve conduction studies are similar to electromyogram procedures, which measure muscle reaction rather than nerve impulses. NCS technology is used to find damage to the peripheral nervous system.

Usually, several flat electrodes are attached to your foot or ankle, positioned directly over the nerve. Quick electric pulses stimulate responses that can be measured in their speed and strength. These responses typically slow as we age, but our nerve conduction studies can detect when there is a problem with the nerves in your feet or ankles.

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To get an accurate diagnosis and comprehensive care for nerve disorders, contact us today. Our podiatry care specialists will be glad to tell you more about nerve conduction studies available at our Irving, Plano and Lewisville facilities. Call the Lewisville clinic at 972-318-2738, the Plano clinic at 972-805-9985 or the Irving location at 972-318-2655.