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Foot and Ankle Conditions

Foot and ankle pains are common occurrences but the root cause can be a variety of factors. While these pains in your feet and ankles may seem easily treatable, in many cases, it may indicate a wide number of health issues and serious foot disorder that require podiatric care from Southwest Foot and Ankle Center. We have two clinics, located in Plano and Lewisville, to serve North Texas with advanced podiatric care and the latest in medical and surgical techniques.

Pain in Your Foot or Ankle Could Indicate:

Whether you have sustained a foot injury from an accident, or developed a problem after simple wear and tear, our podiatrist Reza Mobarak, DPM, FACFAS, FAPWCA, and his team have the technology and expertise to diagnose and treat the condition.

To learn more about foot conditions or ankle pain and their various treatment options, contact us online or call our Plano clinic at 972-805-9985, our Lewisville clinic at 972-318-2738 or Irving location at 972-318-2655 to schedule an appointment.