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Limb Salvage and Preservation

Limb salvageA major goal at Southwest Foot & Ankle Center is to prevent amputation. Our podiatric surgeons and staff members stay abreast of the latest, most advanced technologies and surgical methods. Dr. Reza Mobarak, DPM, FACFAS, FAPWCA also has in-depth training and experience in limb salvage, diabetic limb preservation, wound care and trauma surgery for feet and ankles.

There are many new surgical techniques available to save feet and legs, including joint reconstruction and specialized wound healing technologies. The first step is getting regular foot checkups and seeking immediate help when you notice something abnormal.

Diabetic Conditions and Limb Amputation

The goals of treatment for diabetic foot problems are not only to save the life and limb, but also to get the patient up and moving again as soon as possible. If vascular surgery cannot improve blood flow and podiatric surgery cannot restore function, amputation may be the only solution. Your circulation vital for heart strength and overall good health.

In the case of diabetic complications, amputation may involve one or two toes, part of the foot, or part of the leg. It is selected on the basis of the patient’s condition and level of predicted healing. A return to normal life is especially possible today because of great advances in prosthetics.

Additional Limb Salvage Techniques

Dr. Mobarak has state-of-the-art equipment and skills, including:

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