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Heel Pain – Español

Heel painA wide variety causes may bring on heel pain. The skilled podiatry professionals at Southwest Foot and Ankle Center are well equipped to relieve this common foot disorder using the most advanced medical and surgical procedures.

Accurate diagnosis of your heel pain is key. Our podiatric care professionals in Lewisville, Plano and Irving work to pinpoint the real cause of your heel problem.

Causes of Heel Pain

Plantar Fasciitis: Irritation of the tissue that forms the arch in the foot. In addition to heel pain, those with plantar fasciitis will feel stabbing, aching and burning sensations that decrease with rest and are intense in the mornings. Pain tends to fluctuate throughout the day.

Heel Spur: A hook of bone that forms on the heel bone. The condition itself is not the most painful; it is the inflammation and irritation that cause the heel pain. Often, plantar fasciitis is a cause of heel spurs. When the ligaments are pulled away, calcium deposits form the hooked bone.

Stress Fractures: A small crack in the foot bone which usually develops from overuse, high impact sports or long distance running. When a muscle is tired, it is no longer able to absorb the shock of repetition and the stress is transferred to the bone, creating small stress fractures and cracks.

Treatment Options

For a comprehensive examination to determine the cause of your heel pain, contact us or call for an appointment in Lewisville 972-318-2738, in Plano 972-805-9985 or in Irving at 972-318-2655.