When Do Bunions Need to be Operated On?

Many people who have bunions never need to undergo surgery. Simple treatments can relieve pain and slow the progression of bunions by reducing pressure on the big toe. Toe spacers, bunion splints and bunion pads are all non-surgical options that help to ease discomfort without relying on invasive procedures, while cortisone injections and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) reduce irritation. Even something as simple as wearing wide-toed shoes and custom orthotics can help to alleviate discomfort due to bunions during day-to-day activities.

When Do Bunions Need to Be Operated OnIf you are able to relieve your pain using these preventative measures, doctors do not recommend surgery to correct your bunion, even for cosmetic reasons. Surgery is only necessary when conservative treatments such as medication or changes in footwear fail to alleviate discomfort.

If you have tried nonsurgical treatment options and still suffer from severe foot pain, chronic inflammation of the big toe, or deformity of the big toe, the team at Southwest Foot & Ankle Center can help you to decide if you might be a good candidate for bunion surgery.

The Decision to Get Surgery

There are a number of different surgical procedures that can be used to treat bunions when nonsurgical options fail. Your doctor will choose how to treat you based on the severity of your condition. Even mild bunions may require corrective surgery to alleviate chronic pain. Surgical procedures can help to restore normal functioning to your foot by eliminating your bunion and realigning your joint. This brings the big toe back to its correct position, preventing complications such as overlapping toes and friction wounds.

Although most bunion surgeries are relatively quick and require no hospital stay, the recovery period can last from weeks to months, particularly if you require crutches or a cast. Dr. Mobarak and his team will be with you during every step of your recovery to ensure that the healing process goes smoothly.

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