How to Prevent Bunions

Bunions aren’t the most serious condition in the world, but it’s certainly not pleasant to live with them. If you’re prone to getting them or even if you’ve just heard how painful they can be, then you’re likely interested in how to prevent bunions. Learn more about what you can do for your feet below.

Learning About Bunions

How to prevent BunionsProbably the easiest way to remember it is: “Bunions are bumps on your feet.” Of course, it’s slightly more complicated than that. They’re caused when the big toe has consistent pressure on it which moves it towards your other toes, with the result being an inflamed joint on the inside of your foot. You can tell if you have one if it’s sticking out rather than following a straighter line of your foot. Not all bunions are hurtful, but in time they can lead to limping problems and increased pain as it puts more strain on each step.

How to Prevent Bunions

As you might imagine, it’s all about wearing the right shoes. It takes more time and effort, but you can’t just pick up those high heels because you’re sure they’ll go perfectly with your new outfit. Shoes can’t be too narrow, or else it will create unnecessary pressure. Instead, select shoes that give you a full half inch (when standing) between your big toe and the tips of the shoes. Shoes should be stretchy, and work with your natural movements. If you’re prone to bunions (longer toes, flat feet or loose joints), you may want to wear more flip-flops when possible, or even walk barefoot in the house whenever you can. Better habits plus ice or simple bandaging can help reduce the long-term effects of bunions.

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