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Find a Podiatrist Who Can Help Your Foot Pain

If you are searching for a podiatrist near me? SOUTHWEST FOOT & ANKLE CENTER is here in Desoto to provide professional support to your foot-related concern. A certified podiatrist is all a person needs when suffering from – hammertoe, diabetic wound or arthritic ankle, etc. 

Podiatrist Near Me

We Provide Treatment For

  1. Foot Surgery,
  2. Diabetic Wounds,
  3. Arthritic Ankle,
  4. Bunions,
  5. Hammer Toe,
  6. Ankle Trauma,
  7. Flat feet,
  8. Limb Salvage etc.

Also, you can have a Non-Surgical & refined method of treatments to cure your foot with the latest state of art techniques. At Southwest Foot And Ankle Center in DeSoto, we have certified staff that provides long-lasting relief with their expertise. 

List of Surgical & Non-Surgical Treatments we provide

Surgical Treatments Non-Surgical Treatments 
  1. Braces
  2. Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment
  3. Custom Orthotics
  4. Physical Therapy
  5. Platelet Rich Plasma
  6. Laser Therapy
  7. Nerve Conduction Studies
  1. Bunion Surgery
  2. Foot and Ankle Surgery
  3. Hammer Toe Surgery
  4. Limb Salvage
  5. Wound Care

Our Specialized Podiatrist

Dr. Reza Mobarak, DPM, FACFAS, FAPWCA, specializes in providing any foot-related issue. He holds various specialized knowledge in foot and ankle problems. He is very much dedicated and passionate to provide effective treatment to the patients to return to their daily routine with ease as soon as possible.

Brief History Of Extensive Background.

  • He was brought up in Richardson. 
  • Completed his Doctorate in Podiatrist Medicine and Surgery from the University of Florida. 
  • Earned his surgical residency from the Central Alabama Veterans Administration Hospital. 
  • During the practice session, he performed many surgical procedures related to feet and ankles, including limb and joint reconstruction, etc. 
  • He also served in the American Professional Wound Care Association, where he gained practical knowledge in diabetic wound care and foot and ankle trauma treatments as well. 

Podiatrist in Desoto understands the complexity of a human foot and the variety of issues that can occur. And stay dedicated to their patients to provide them with at most profitable and affordable treatment in Desoto. They are continually learning the latest techniques and methods to deal with difficult conditions. You can expect friendly surroundings and a good amount of knowledge regarding your condition. 

Our Requirements for Patient background :

The patient’s first visit acts as a foundation for our relationship with them. For us, the patient’s entire experience matters the most. To do so, we will be required important background information to understand you better.

  • It’s good to save time before visiting the clinic in person. Mark your appointment online. 
  • It’s recommended to reach the clinic 15 minutes prior appointment as you will get ample time to fill the new patient form. 
  • Being a new patient, you may require a little extra time for the case evaluation, but it depends upon your condition.
  • A list of medicines will be required, which you are already taking.
  • You can write down any questions which you want to ask from our podiatrist. 
  • You can visit our website for a better understanding of the type of injury you have. 

Our Clinic Ensures Patients Safety In Covid Times

  • We will continue to serve our patients during normal business hours.
  • Basic sensitization will be advised. 
  • If you have recently visited high-risk areas, we will recommend having an appointment at our online clinic will be beneficial, or your appointment can be shifted to a further date till the verification is not marked. 
  • Our staff makes sure to clean and sanitize the clinic area on an hourly basis. 

We believe in high-quality treatment by diagnosing the root cause of the concerned issue and provide sittings with our podiatrist for better understanding. We also offer our assistance after immediate treatment. If you are about to find a podiatrist in Desoto, Contact Dr. Mobarak.