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V-Care VST MyoDynamicV-Care VST MyoDynamic Device

In our quest to help patients heal faster, reduce foot pain and prevent neuropathy, Southwest Foot and Ankle Center uses the VST MyoDynamic® Device. The V-Care device is a technologically advanced treatment developed by a NASA electrical engineer to deliver therapeutic stimulation.

At our podiatry clinics in Lewisville, Plano and Irving, V-Care application may be prescribed in conjunction with a variety of foot care plans. The multi-disciplinary treatment approach with this electrical waveform stimulation device has shown to benefit patient outcomes.

Faster recovery means greater satisfaction with medical care at Southwest Foot and Ankle Center, whether you undergo non-invasive or surgical treatments. Our foot surgery center offers V-Care  to with the goal of returning our patient’s to their productive, independent lifestyles.

The advanced digital technology used by the V-Care unit generates a unique and pure waveform. Patients experience a smooth and comfortable feeling as the deep penetrating wave recruits muscle tissue in the injured area. The waveform’s penetration significantly increases blood flow, derived from unlocking the capillary and lymph systems. Measurement of tissue perfusion indicates that the VST increases circulation by a rate of 8 to 10 times the normal baseline. This dramatic increase in local blood circulation not only causes tremendous movement of edematous fluids(which reduces swelling and pain), but also carries the nutrients used to rebuild the injured tissue or nerve fiber.

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