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Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

For people with diabetes, the threat of a foot wound is a constant risk. These wounds can lead to severe complications that could even result in amputation. However, Southwest Foot and Ankle Center offers an exciting approach to care known as hyperbaric oxygen treatment. This method has been in use for more than two decades, helping to promote the generation of healthy tissue.

The Dangers of Diabetic Foot Wounds

If you develop a diabetic foot wound, it is incredibly important that you receive the prompt care necessary to minimize potential complications. This type of wound requires immediate attention, because it can quickly lead to a severe infection. Not only would you be at risk of a long-term hospitalization, there is a possibility you could lose the affected limb. The earlier you receive treatment, the better the chances of avoiding complications. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment has been proven to promote healthy healing, killing potentially dangerous microorganisms that can cause infection.

How Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Works

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment is effective in treating wounds in patients suffering from type 1 diabetes as well as type 2 diabetes. Not only have patients seen a substantial reduction in the size of their wounds, many been able to avoid amputation.

This form of treatment delivers 100 percent oxygen to a patient lying in an enclosed chamber. The atmospheric pressure in the chamber will be substantially higher than they patient is used to, so there may be some mild discomfort and popping of the ears.

When the atmospheric pressure is higher, the body is better able to incorporate oxygen into plasma and blood cells. As a result, a wound receives much-needed nutrients it may not be able to get otherwise, helping the healing process. In addition, many patients report a substantially reduced amount of inflammation.

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