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Pediatric Podiatrist

Choosing the right doctor for a child’s pediatric podiatry needs can make a huge difference when it comes to his or her quality of life. At Southwest Foot and Ankle Center, our experts have a great deal of experience working with children, providing effective treatment for a wide range of conditions.

Common Pediatric Podiatry Problems

Pediatric podiatry is the treatment of foot and ankle problems that affect children. These include flat feet, clubfoot and several others. The right treatment for these issues can help improve a child’s mobility and functionality, allowing him or her play with other children, which is a major component of proper development.

What to Expect During a Pediatric Podiatry Appointment

When you bring your child to Southwest Foot and Ankle for pediatric podiatry treatment, we will perform a thorough examination to determine the exact cause of the problem and determine the correct course of treatment.

For example, we will look at the way your child walks and stands, and ask about the child’s current level of activity. In most cases we will examine the range of motion of the affected joint, as well as general muscle function and strength in the lower limbs and feet.

Before the visit, make sure you bring the child’s shoes that he or she wears regularly, a list of any medical allergies that may exist, and the child’s medical history if possible.

Contact Us About Pediatric Podiatry

At Southwest Foot and Ankle Center, we have a lengthy track record of success providing pediatric podiatry treatment. Our experts know how to work with children, making them feel at ease no matter what type of treatment they need. You can rest assured we will clearly communicate all available treatment options so you are completely confident in the course of action we recommend.

Please contact us online or call 972-318-2738 (Lewisville), 972-805-9985 (Plano) or 972-318-2655 (Irving) to schedule an examination.