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When is Metatarsal Surgery Necessary?

Metatarsal surgery is a surgical process that involves resetting an injured metatarsal bone, putting it back in place and allowing the area to heal. An injured or deformed metatarsal bone can cause serious pain and difficulty in walking. When physical therapy and therapeutic foot supports do not provide relief, metatarsal surgery will usually work as an alternative treatment option. The surgery is aimed at relieving pain and improving foot functionality for the patient.

Surgery for Metatarsal Injury

When is Metatarsal Surgery NecessaryAlthough there are several foot problems that this surgery can be used to correct, the most common problems are those that directly affect the long bones behind the toes, such as metatarsal fractures.

The five long bones of the mid-foot are known as metatarsal bones. When one of the bones is broken, this is known as a metatarsal fracture. Sudden injury can lead to a type of metatarsal fracture known as acute fracture while repeated stress may result in a stress fracture.

A fracture can either be open or closed, with an open fracture featuring broken skin over the fractured bone, exposing the area to possible infection.

In a displaced fracture, the bones slip out of line following the fracture. Any fracture needs the attention of a specialist since they can lead to serious complications. While there are other treatment options, metatarsal surgery may be necessary to align bones in case of a displaced fracture.

Other issues include foot problems caused by diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases.  When diabetes is not managed properly, it can cause damage to nerves as well as poor flow of blood to the feet. Such damage can lead to serious foot problems.

Rheumatoid arthritis is a serious disease that attacks joints throughout the body, starting with the small joints of the hands and feet. In most cases, people affected by the disease will develop symptoms in their feet and ankles.

When there is stiffness, pain, and swelling, surgery can be used to correct the foot problems. However, this will depend on the extent of the damage as well as the patient’s response to non-surgical treatment.

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