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What Do Bunions Feel Like?

Wondering what bunions feel like? If you’re curious, you likely are experiencing foot pain of some sort. Foot pain can be the result of many different conditions, but bunions are a common cause in older adults. In fact, about one-third of this age group has at least one bunion. Although everyone’s experience is a little different, here are some common complaints.

Painful Location

What Do Bunions Feel LikeBunions present themselves as a bony lump at the base of the big toe on the side of the foot. This results in constant pressure when walking since they occur at a joint in the toe. You’ll notice a lump or deformity as things progress which often rubs against shoes causing pain. This is especially true for those who wear shoes with inadequate padding, high heels or shoes that are too narrow to accommodate this bony growth.

A “Toothache” In the Foot

Many individuals describe bunions as a toothache in the foot. Bunion pain can range from mild to excruciating. Higher levels of pain become more common as time goes on if bunions are left untreated. Sufferers struggle with a painful, throbbing and pulsating sensation. Some individuals report constant pain with bunions and others complain of a pain that comes and goes. Depending upon which category that you fall into will likely determine how aggressively you decide to seek treatment.

Regardless of your pain level or frequency, there are treatment solutions that can greatly improve your quality of life. Other common feelings are swelling, red coloration and sensitivity. The pain often radiates from the ball of the foot, the base of the big toe or from both. Those with bunions complain more about other body pain compared to those who do not have them. Common pain complaints besides foot pain include knee, lower back, hip and other areas of discomfort.

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