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How to Reduce Toe Pain After Bunion Surgery

Bunion surgery is a commonly recommended procedure for those suffering from bony growths on the base of the big toe. If you are suffering from pain after a bunion surgery, there are some simple steps you can take to reduce your discomfort and heal sooner.

Immediately After Surgery

How to Reduce Toe Pain After Bunion SurgeryIt is important to have someone who can transport you to your home after surgery, while you are still likely to be experiencing discomfort and confusion as a result of the anesthesia used during the procedure. Staying off your feet is an important aspect of recovery and pain management, especially in those first hours after surgery.

Recovery Outlook

The average recovery period for bunion surgery lasts from six to eight weeks. Full recovery can take as long as six months, so it is important to pace yourself in your daily activities. For the first two weeks after surgery, you will wear a surgical boot or cast to keep your foot in place and protected. A cast also keeps your stitches dry and prevents infection, which is a major cause of post-surgery pain.

Reducing Pain After Surgery

Wearing shoes with plenty of room is the key to keeping your pain to a minimum. Any pressure exerted on your toe while healing can cause acute and aching pain or lead to swelling. You may be given over-the-counter or prescription medication to lessen the pain. Applying ice to the area can help ease any acute toe pain you experience as well. Ice also helps to keep the swelling down in your foot. A swollen toe is more sensitive and can cause significant discomfort throughout your recovery. Keeping your foot elevated can minimize pain and reduce inflammation. The elevated position helps by reducing the blood flow and sensitivity in your foot.

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