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How Often Should Custom Orthotics Be Replaced?

Wearing the right orthotics can help to relieve discomfort in your feet, ankles and legs as you go about your day. After a few years of wear and tear, however, you may notice that your orthotics aren’t quite as comfortable as they used to be. Walking around with worn orthotics can end up causing your body more harm than good. If you are starting to notice a familiar pain returning to your feet, the Southwest Foot & Ankle Center team can help you to evaluate the condition of your orthotic inserts.

The Lifespan of Your Orthotics

How Often Should Custom Orthotics Be Replaced?Typically, high-quality prescription orthotics last between two to three years. Custom orthotics are designed to withstand wear and tear from standing and walking, but using them on a daily basis will inevitably result in damage over time. Recreational activities such as jogging will cause inserts to wear out even sooner by placing excessive amounts of stress on the contours and soles of your orthotics.

The material used to make your inserts will also affect how long they last. Functional orthotics crafted from semi-rigid materials tend to last longer than accommodative orthotics, which are made of softer materials. Inserts made from cork, leather or foam may have to be replaced as often as once a year.

Even if the inserts you wear are brand new, certain lifestyle changes may mean having to replace your current orthotics. Pregnant women, for example, often see changes in their gait that can cause discomfort if not corrected by new orthotics. Major surgeries such as a knee or hip replacement can also affect the way you walk and may require you to replace your orthotic inserts.

When It’s Time for a Replacement

One of the easiest ways to determine if your orthotics need replacing is by simply examining their appearance. Cracks, tears and thinning soles are all signs that you should replace your orthotics. Pain and discomfort are also sure signs that your orthotics are no longer providing the support that your body needs.

If you are concerned about the condition of your orthotic inserts, call our Lewisville clinic at 972-318-2738, our Plano clinic at 972-805-9985 or our Irving clinic at 972-318-2655 to schedule an evaluation.