How Long Does Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Last?

When the tarsal tunnel compresses the tibial nerve running along the back of your leg, it can cause pain and discomfort in your heel, ankle and calf. Compression can occur due to local inflammation, bone spurs and cell masses, or even fallen arches. Our team at Southwest Foot & Ankle Center diagnose and treat patients suffering from all stages of tarsal tunnel syndrome.

Early and Late Symptoms

How Long Does Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome LastTarsal tunnel syndrome creates symptoms that vary from person to person. You may feel a sharp pain, a burning sensation, tingling or numbness in any part of your lower leg. At the onset of the disorder, many people find that the pain is mild and sporadic. Without treatment, however, the condition will progress as more and more pressure is placed on the tibial nerve. Over time, you may begin to feel painful symptoms more frequently, or your pain may last longer. Seeking treatment early can help to halt the progression of the disorder, preventing nerve damage and alleviating chronic discomfort.

Treatment Options

If you have been diagnosed with tarsal tunnel syndrome, there are a number of treatment options that can help to stop the progression of your condition. Both conservative and surgical methods are able to relieve pressure within the tarsal tunnel and reduce your risk of developing permanent nerve damage in the area.

Tarsal tunnel syndrome resulting from flat feet or fallen arches can sometimes be corrected by the use of custom-made orthotic inserts. Custom orthotics provide arch support and help to improve pronation as you walk, reducing stress on your ankles. Anti-inflammatory medications and steroid injections can also help to relieve pressure caused by localized swelling.

When conservative methods fail, surgery may be necessary to treat tarsal tunnel syndrome. Tissue masses such as lipomas and fibromas that are pressing against the tibial nerve can be removed to alleviate discomfort, while surgical release of the tarsal tunnel eases pressure on the tibial nerve.

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