How Custom Orthotics Treat Plantar Fasciitis

Painful inflammation of the connective tissue of your leg and foot can lead to a major loss in your quality of life. Custom orthotics can offer a lot of relief that is easy to make part of your daily life. Plantar fasciitis is caused by a lot of different reasons. Those with pre-existing conditions may be at greater risk.

Correct Arch Issues And Multiple Other Problems

How Custom Orthotics Treat Plantar FasciitisThose with flat feet or higher-than-usual arches can suffer various types of foot and connective tissue pain over time. Custom made insoles can eliminate these issues. If the patient is younger then over time they may also grow out of some of the issues associated with their foot pain.

How you stand matters a lot to the aches and pains you suffer from. A custom orthotic can change the way you stand and create more support so inflammation is not as intense.

Those that have Plantar fasciitis may also suffer from heel spur pain or ulcerations that cause walking or another movement to be even more painful. The use of orthopedics can solve more than one problem at once.

Full Treatment Plan

Exercises and splints may be used in conjunction with custom orthotics for best results. Paying close attention to follow routines thoroughly cannot be stressed enough for effective treatment results.

If you are suffering and asking why bother with a custom-made product when you can go to the drug store,  consider that drug store inserts are meant to provide a little bit of extra cushioning and support but are a far cry from the custom comfort and treatment you are going to get when a doctor listens to you and designs something meant for your unique needs.

What type of shoe you wear may also affect the effectiveness of your orthotic treatment. Our team of experts can recommend and help you get shoes that are best suited to your condition. You will be amazed what a difference our custom orthotics can make in your daily life.

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