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How A Podiatrist Can Help In Your Foot Pain?

One of the least expected health issues you can face with your body is the pain or dysfunction in your foot. In case of acute problems, they can simply go with rest, change of shoe gear and time. But in case they last for a longer duration then it becomes necessary to approach a Podiatrist who could help you with the right treatment after complete diagnosis of your foot. Podiatrists are the experts who could help with their medical and surgical training to deal with ankle and foot problems either it is arthritis, callus, corns, ingrown toenails, infections etc. so, if you are wondering, how a podiatrist could help you with your foot issues, here we have a list of some issues that can be diagnosed and cured by your Podiatrist.

Deformities: there can be various deformities that you may encounter over the time such as Charcot arthropathy which is very frequent in people with diabetes. It results in swollen red feet that are susceptible to breaking and slipping of bones. Also, you may find that your one foot is flat than the other foot due to rupture of a tendon. This may also lead to joint damage causing major deformities. Therefore, if you are facing any of such condition, the best thing you can do is search for “Podiatrist Near Me” right away.

Lumps and Wounds: also, you may face some kind of bumps or lumps on your foot that may lead to pain and grow bigger into a cyst or tumor. A similar condition can be sore on your foot and ankle which may grow in people who have diabetes. However, this condition may lead to severe health concern damaging your skin and even bones. Thus, if you have any of such condition with your foot, make sure you never late to visit a podiatrist.

Discoloration And Elevated Legs: both your feet should be similar in color but if you see a difference in the color of the feet there can be something which needs immediate medical attention. If you see redness on your foot, it can be due to some infection while blue or purple color indicates for some problem with veins. Also if you see a pale color, it indicates a decrease in blood flow. Another condition that can create you trouble is when you lie on the bed and feel pain in your feet which goes away when you take your legs off the bed. This health issue is recognized as peripheral artery disease that needs a diagnosis from podiatrist as well as a vascular surgeon.

Numbness, Swelling, and Severe Pain: last but not least, you may feel sensation in your foot which can be due to neuropathy problems. You can also encounter pain and swelling in one foot which is a condition called edema. Otherwise, you may feel a pain that increases with activity and due to some tendon ruptures. So, for treatment of any of these conditions, it is necessary that you should visit an expert podiatrist for immediate treatment.

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