Effective Surgical And Non Surgical Treatments For Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

If you are suffering from the pain and dilemma of Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, then you should know all of your treatment options so you can make the best choice for your long-term happiness and health. Here are a few things you should know about Tarsal Tunnel Treatments.

Effective Surgical And Non Surgical Treatments For Tarsal Tunnel SyndromeSymptoms of Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome include burning, shooting, or stinging pain on the inner part of your ankle or bottom of the foot. This can lead to loss of mobility or difficulty doing the things you enjoy everyday.

There are many reasons that people develop Tarsal Tunnel. Diabetes, flat arches, and former injuries to tendons can all contribute. If you already suffer from heel spurs, then you might also develop Tarsal Tunnel.

Orthotics And Other Non Surgical Solutions

Custom made insoles can correct issues related to flat feet or walking incorrectly. The type of gait you have can have a significant influence on the level of pain you have as a result of moving about on your daily routine.

Physical therapy and the use of braces are effective in remedying some of the pain of Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. In many cases, the entire disorder can be eliminated especially if it is being caused by temporary injuries or other circumstances that the body can most easily heal from.

Creating a plan to treat Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome is essential and is going to vary a lot based on your overall health and how much effort you put into recovery. Nonsurgical solutions require a lot of participation and drive on the part of the patient.

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Surgery

Torn ligaments, tendons, etc. are sometimes repaired through surgery thus eliminating inflammation and pain from conditions like Tarsal Tunnel. Surgery is only used when nonsurgical solutions are not realistic or fail to provide the necessary relief. Our team of experts can help you work through the treatment options out there.

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