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Benefits of Physical Therapy for Foot Injuries

Have you recently injured your foot and need to get back to normal living again? Physical therapy may be able to help your recovery process. Foot-injury physical therapy has several benefits. Here are a few to consider.

Possible Alternative to Surgery

Benefits of Physical Therapy for Foot InjuriesIf you recently injured your foot, you may be wondering if you’ll need surgery to correct your problem. Foot surgery can be time-consuming, expensive and require a prolonged recovery. Doctors don’t like to consider surgery except as a last resort for these reasons.

You may be able to avoid surgery on your foot by going through a physical therapy regimen. If this is successful, you will have saved yourself unnecessary financial burden, pain and potential surgery-related complications. It is always best to try the least invasive solution first. If you end up needing surgery, that’s ok. Physical therapy can help your foot to heal up on the post-op side of things as well.

Pain Management

You already know that foot injuries can be very painful. You likely were prescribed pain medications because of your condition. Many individuals don’t realize that foot physical therapy can also help with pain management.

Doing various exercises will help decrease your pain as you increase blood flow to your foot. You may end up finding that you don’t need your pain meds as often as you did or that you can stop them altogether. Physical therapy will also help your foot to gain strength. This will result in less pain as your foot does not have to work as hard to support your body while you perform daily functions. Your physical therapist will also be able to help you to take preventative measures so you don’t experience a reoccurring foot injury.

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