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3 Foot Problems and Their Treatment

Feet are our buddies, and if you are facing any issue with them, it’s time to pamper your feet with needful treatment by a foot and ankle specialist.

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In this piece of content, we have highlighted 3 foot problems and their treatment. 

1. Bunion & Toe Pain 

In bunion condition, a bony lump forms on the side of your foot. It causes the big toe to point inwards towards the other toe. It also causes the toe to turn red and painful. Our podiatrists provide treatment for the same and related issues. It’s better to get an early diagnosis before the condition worsens. 

Our prime goal is to treat the patient on priority and provide them effective pain relief. The specialized podiatrists understand the sincerity of the issue and help the patient have enlarged toe joints, wounds from friction, and overlapping toes. 


Bunions are mostly seen in female patients, but not particularly, it can cause anyone to be cured, but it can cause the patient to walk with difficulty if not cured timely. 

Some common symptoms are – 

  1. Pain while walking
  2. Swelling of the feet and/or toes
  3. Soreness on the inner side of the big toe
  4. Inflamed toe joint etc. 

Our foot and ankle specialist and podiatrist, Dr. Reza Mobarak, will diagnose the patient. If necessary, an x-ray can be taken to look closely at the condition of the toe. 


There are various treatment options available for bunions. It depends, on the initial evaluation of your toe condition, which will determine the best treatment to proceed with. Non-surgical options are also there, but they may include spacers, orthotics, bunion cushions, or splints. If the condition of the bunion is severe then it might need foot surgery by Dr. Mobarak, known as a bunionectomy.

2. Diabetic Foot Care

Millions of people in day-to-day life have diabetes or high blood sugar.

Which results in harmful feet related complications. For a diabetic patient, the nominal cut can cause vigorous infection. High blood sugar can cause numbness, nerve damage, blood flow gets reduced, and it resists the healing process too. It can also cause n number of problems like – 

  1. Ulcers (sores)
  2. Corns and calluses
  3. Cracked heels
  4. Hammertoes
  5. Bunions
  6. Ingrown toenails
  7. Charcot’s foot
  8. Fractures

Our podiatry and surgery team provides patients with expert assistance to track down sensitive diabetic issues. So If you are looking for a Foot Doctor Near Me, contact Southwest Foot and Ankle Center.


Patients suffering from diabetics and having high blood pressure, poor circulation, and damaged nerve system can lead to severe health conditions like – peripheral neuropathy. If the condition is worse than that, it can cause amputation of the infected limb. So immediate diagnosis and treatment are very crucial. 

The most prominent symptom is that if the patient with diabetes or high blood sugar struggles through any feet-related issue, he should contact the best podiatrist at Southwest Foot and Ankle Center without delay. 


The treatment includes self-care as well. If you are a diabetic patient, controlling high blood sugar levels can act as a beneficial measure. Secondly, try to examine your feet and maintain proper hygiene.

Additional treatment – 

  1. Inspect your feet daily for any cuts/bruises, or abrasions. 
  2. Keep your skin in the foot area soft and smooth, especially heals. 
  3. On a day-to-day basis, wash your feet with warm water ( not cold ). 
  4. Trim your toenails carefully without damaging them. 
  5. Try to avoid moisture between the toes and try to keep with dry. 
  6. Wear dry and clean socks to bed.
  7. Try not to wear tight and bulky socks. 
  8. Do not try to treat corns or calluses yourself. 
  9. Always inspect your shoes for any foreign object before wearing them. 
  10. Avoid walking barefoot. 
  11. Have regular appointments with our foot and ankle specialist. 

3. Heal Pain

There can be various causes that can result in heel pain. An accurate diagnosis can determine the exact reason for it. Generally, it acts minor in the initial stages but can harm a lot if not taken care timely as your heel holds your body weight, which can cause any muscle issue or even hairline fracture.  


There can be 3 symptoms that can lead to heel pain. 

  1. Irritation in the tissue forms an arch in the feet. When it combines with the pain, it results in a burning, stabbing, and aching sensation. This can be intensified in the morning, but the pain tends to fluctuate throughout the day. 
  2. A hook of bone forms in the feet, it’s itself not much pain, but it causes inflammation and irritation, which can cause pain. When several ligaments get pulled away accidentally, calcium gets deposited in the hooked bone. 
  3. If a patient gets a crack in the bone due to a long hour of running, overuse, or high sports impact.

  1. Custom Orthotics
  2. Medication
  3. Night Splint
  4. Foot Surgery